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AirPod Case Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix it

Airpods not charging

Is your AirPod Case now not charging? We know the way irritating this feels as a result of many people had been via this example once or more. So, it’s now not uncommon in any respect whilst you would possibly to find the sunshine for your AirPod case isn’t sparkling even after plugging within the charger. The acrimony turns into two instances more than the great feeling that your favourite observe gave, only a few moments in the past. So, learn how to eliminate this example and fasten the ‘AirPod case now not charging factor’?

Neatly, earlier than we let you know all 7 secrets and techniques to stay your AirPod playable, you should take a look at the explanations, which cause this drawback. As soon as you might be acutely aware of all of the doable grounds, you’ll simply repair it by yourself. So with out any longer 2nd’s extend, take a look at our technology information. Right here you cross!  

Why Your AirPod Case isn’t Charging?

AirPods are one of the most well-built wi-fi earbuds recently to be had available in the market. Alternatively, identical to another digital software, AirPods too have a definite lifestyles span. They’re certain to have some problems after prolonged classes of utilization. And, probably the most commonplace issues is the AirPod case now not charging factor. 

Nowadays we will be able to discover the possible causes in the back of this bother, after which we will be able to provide you with a host of efficient answers to do away with this factor altogether. So, scroll down!

1. Charger Cable isn’t Correctly Hooked up

More often than not, whilst you face issue in charging your AirPod case, it’s because of loosely hooked up USB cable. It will probably occur at both finish of the cable. It happens particularly whilst you’re the usage of a third-party charging cable as the ones cables aren’t well-built like a proprietary charging wire equipped within the field through Apple. If this is why, then you might be in good fortune because it isn’t an actual drawback like the remainder of the explanations and can also be have shyed away from through sparsely putting the ability wire. 

2. Misguided Energy Outlet

Every so often it may be the ability outlet supply this is inflicting the inconvenience as an alternative of the charging wire or the charging case. Each and every energy outlet has an expiry date, and then it may possibly now not supply a gentle energy provide and must be changed with a brand new one. You’ll simply test whether or not your energy outlet is working or now not through plugging your AirPod case into different energy shops.

Three. 3rd-Birthday party Charging Cables

Non-Apple charging bricks aren’t as dependable as the only you get from Apple on the time of acquire. The inexpensive Chinese language-made generic lightning cables can also be present in any grocery store, and on-line retail outlets and folks generally tend to avoid wasting a couple of dollars through purchasing any such after the unique cable will get damaged. This isn’t a good suggestion if you wish to have a long-term resolution on your AirPod charging state of affairs. 

Four. Faulty Wi-fi Charging Pad

In contrast to AirPod 1, AirPod 2 helps wi-fi charging, which makes its customers’ lifestyles simple. Even though wi-fi charging pads are a depended on supply of stable energy provide, on occasion those pads can malfunction. The copper coils within a wi-fi charger, which generates electromagnetic waves, can prevent operating after a definite time. 

five. Rust Formation in Touch Issues

Rust and dirt can shape inside the touch issues and the charging ports. It wishes common repairs and cleansing as much as stay it in operating situation. If there’s particles at the charging case’s lightning port, it can result in gradual or no charging, thus impairing the entire charging procedure for AirPods. 

Those are the commonest mistakes that may make you face the AirPod case now not charging factor. Even if it’s possible you’ll suppose you wish to have a brand new unit after dealing with this kind of drawback, in truth, you’ll resolve the problem on your own. Within the subsequent couple of segments, we will be able to information you with the right kind means out of this factor. 

Repair AirPod Case now not Charging?

Solving the charging factor for AirPods doesn’t contain rocket science. There are a couple of troubleshooters, which we’re about to give an explanation for, that may resolve your AirPod case, now not charging factor very quickly. So stick round until the tip of this text to understand the strategies of adjusting damaged AirPod instances. 

Repair 1: Test Your Cable Connection

The very first thing you wish to have to ensure whilst charging by way of USB cable is, attaching the cable firmly into the charging case in addition to into the ability adopter. If both finish is loosely plugged, then it may end up in a charging error. 

Additionally, you need to ensure that the ability adopter is tightly plugged into the wall socket. If there’s a unfastened connection within the energy outlet, then it cannot fee your AirPod. So every time you might be getting no energy into your AirPod case, recheck the cable connection. 

Repair 2: Take a look at the Energy Supply

This system would possibly appear very fundamental, however the most simple issues are ceaselessly lost sight of. Checking the ability supply is an easy procedure that may be performed through putting tester screwdriver. If the sunshine within the tester doesn’t illuminate, it indicates your energy outlet has a fault that helps to keep electrical energy from passing via it.

When you have an inaccurate energy supply, transfer directly to any other outlet or repair the damaged one. If the AirPod fees on different shops, then it doesn’t have any fault and can be utilized with none fear.  

Repair Three: Brush the Charging Port and Touch Issues

A layer of particles within the charging port can also be the reason for charging failure. So, two times or 3 times in a 12 months, you must filter all of the dust that were given into the charging port as a result of each day use. Together with that, cleansing the touch issues of AirPods could also be essential to permit them to get energy easily from the charging case. Right here’s a step-by-step information to cleaning the AirPod.

AirPod case not charging

  • Take a toothpick
  • Insert it into the lightning port of the charging case 
  • Softly select the visual dust within the port
  • Take a toothbrush and brush the port in addition to the touch issues of the AirPods to take away the leftover particles
  • To scrub the touch issues, you wish to have to take a blank piece of material
  • Pour Three-Four drops of isopropyl alcohol on it
  • Gently rub the touch issues on each the AirPod

Repair Four: Reset the AirPod Case

This is among the best troubleshooting steps if you find yourself looking to restore your AirPod. If the problem nonetheless exists even after clearing charging ports, then resetting is the trail you must apply. Right here’s what you wish to have to do to reset your AirPod. 

  • Press the setup button at the bottom of the charging case and grasp it for 15 seconds
  • The flashlight at the charging case will get started blinking in amber after which in white
  • When it flashes white gentle, let the button cross
  • Your reset procedure is done, and your AirPod must fee now

In case you’re having some form of tool factor together with your AirPod, resetting it is going to do away with the problem. If the problem remains to be there, check out our subsequent fixes. 

Repair five: Use a Other Charging Cable

If resetting the charging case didn’t do the trick, then this is a actual chance that your lightning cable may well be broken. Glance intently on the lightning cable to look if there are any visual tear marks, particularly test each the cables’ ends. If there’s any put on and tear provide at the cable, you must right away imagine purchasing a brand new one.
AirPod not charging

Even though you don’t to find any signal of wear, you must nonetheless take a look at a unique cable to make certain about any imaginable harm within the outer layer. In case your AirPod charging case is getting energy with different cables, then it’s glaring that your cable has a fault and must be changed. Broken cables now not handiest sucks extra energy however can be damaging to any digital machine. 

In case your AirPod is below guaranty, then you’ll get a substitute cable from Apple Care as soon as your current cable is wrecked. A professional tip, by no means use any cable which doesn’t possess MFI Certification. You must additionally seek for any faults with the charging brick through the usage of any other brick of the similar nature.

Repair 6: Re-Pair Your AirPod

Every so often putting in your AirPod together with your iPhone can resolve this factor if this is a tool glitch. Apply the next steps to pair your AirPod once more together with your iPhone. However first, you wish to have to take away the existing connection through going into the settings and clicking overlook at the AirPod emblem. 

AirPod not charging

  • Activate BlueTooth for your iPhone
  • Put each the AirPods at the charging case & open the lid
  • Press & grasp the setup transfer at the again of the charging case till it flashes a white gentle
  • Now an animation of AirPod field lid opening will seem for your iPhone
  • Click on attach below the animation, and the AirPod gets hooked up as soon as once more

Repair 7: Seek advice from Apple’s Genius Bar

If you’re not able to mend the issue on your own, you must take a professional’s lend a hand. And, who is aware of their product higher than the professionals at Apple’s genius bar. In case your charging case has an inner defect, then none however the ones guys can repair your factor. 

To make an appointment for your self, cross to Apple’s Genius Bar web page and ebook a time slot to your servicing. Then you are going to be allocated a slot at your nearest Apple Retailer. Test-in there and provide an explanation for your factor to the pros. Do elevate your charging brick and cable, which they are going to additionally test. 

If you wish to have any digital help, you’ll get lend a hand through visiting Apple’s reside enhance website, getting Apple Genius Bar’s lend a hand for an out of guaranty AirPod can price relatively a couple of dollars identical to their different products and services. Alternatively, they’re essentially the most appropriate particular person for this restore activity. Here’s a charge chart of AirPod restore. 

So, those are all of the procedures you’ll apply when your AirPod case stops charging itself. We are hoping any such troubleshooters did be just right for you, and you’ll now revel in your track wirelessly with out being worried about battery drainage. Now allow us to give a couple of additional professional pointers that can lend a hand to extend the lifespan of your AirPod. 

Further Pointers:-

  1. Take a look at to not use an extension wire whilst charging any digital machine, together with AirPods. The extension wire has a tendency to show common problems that may depart an adversarial impact on electronics. So it’s higher to plug right into a wall socket
  2.  Don’t fee your units when the ability output is not up to 100 volts. AirPods can also be charged inside of 100-240 volts. Beneath that, it may possibly harm the battery through lowering its backup time
  3. Don’t take a look at to economize through purchasing an inexpensive generic charger. All the time test for MFI Certification earlier than purchasing a charging cable

Summing Up

With this, we wrap up our article on learn how to repair AirPod case now not charging problems. We are hoping this information has equipped you the essential knowledge for solving your AirPods now not charging state of affairs. Now, as , the method of troubleshooting AirPods charging problems, you are going to now not handiest be capable to avert the similar drawback within the coming days however too can lend a hand your friends after they face a identical drawback too.


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