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Vive Cosmos VR headset has an inexcusable flaw — horrid tracking

Digital truth isn’t the huge industry that many people idea it will transform again in 2015 and 2016. However it’s nonetheless chugging along side new instrument and hardware like HTC’s Vive Cosmos. The $699 headset is to be had now and represents a chain of upgrades over first-generation Vive methods. However in my checking out, a core serve as of the Cosmos has failed so persistently that none of its different enhancements topic.

The Vive Cosmos has a blended decision of 2880-by-1700, which is 88 p.c extra pixels than the unique Vive. The pinnacle-mounted show could also be a lot more at ease and more uncomplicated to put on. And in contrast to the unique Vive, Cosmos doesn’t require exterior monitoring beacons. As a substitute, it makes use of an array of cameras.

However it’s that monitoring that has introduced the entire thing down for me. It doesn’t paintings. Or, a minimum of, it stops operating regularly sufficient that I believe the entire thing busted.

Vive Cosmos wishes higher monitoring

The theory at the back of Vive Cosmos and its monitoring is excellent. Do away with the exterior “lighthouses” that you simply needed to cling to your wall or mount on tripods with the primary Vive. As a substitute, use cameras to calculate the headset motion. This “inside-out” monitoring is one thing we’ve observed in various different headset, such because the Oculus Quest.

However what works extraordinarily smartly for the Quest, doesn’t for the Cosmos. The problem is that the headset turns out to battle to grasp what it’s taking a look at. I’ve an attractive same old workplace with numerous house for room-scale VR. I even have what I might believe greater than sufficient mild. The Cosmos disagrees on that time.

What occurs is that in the midst of a recreation, the Cosmos will prevent and say that it misplaced monitoring and I must check out turning on extra lighting fixtures. I do not need any longer lighting fixtures, and I don’t need anymore.

And I’m now not gonna hesitate in charge the Vive Cosmos for the failure right here. I examined the Oculus Quest in the similar house with lighting fixtures off and on, and it didn’t have any issues. Updates may just reinforce this, however I wouldn’t wait on that.

If you wish to have a high-end VR headset with a high-resolution show, get the Index from Valve. It does require base stations for monitoring, however I don’t thoughts that for PC VR. If I’ve to glue the headset to a pc anyways, putting in place some lighthouses is rarely inconvenient.

And I might counsel the Vive Cosmos choices on each ends of the spectrum. The Valve Index at the excessive finish at $1,000. And the wi-fi, standalone Quest is excellent beginning at $400. You’ll even use that on PC now with the Oculus Hyperlink cable.

As-is, the $700 Cosmos isn’t as handy because the Quest or as succesful because the Index. And that makes it simple to go up.


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